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Sinopec reduces ethylene production to increase oil supply

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March 20, from the China Petroleum and Chemical Group was informed that after the increase in oil prices, Sinopec to increase the supply of refined oil to reduce the production of chemical products, Maoming Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical, Zhongyuan Petrochemical and other five subordinate enterprises are expected to reduce ethylene production in March 30,000 Ton, increase production of about 100,000 tons of refined oil.
Sinopec related person in charge of an interview with reporters, said the current spring to the amount of refined oil will increase, after the price has not been in place the market has long been in a state of shortage, and now after the oil price will be reduced to reduce the production of chemical products to increase the finished product Oil supply.
The petrochemical production and operation and management of the relevant responsible person said publicly that this is mainly due to three considerations: First, the national spring oil peak is coming, cut the ethylene out of the chemical light oil can be used to produce refined oil, in order to ensure that spring oil The market is ready in advance. Second, the country part of the refinery maintenance focused on 3 to 4 months, in the current high-load refinery state, the reduction of chemical light oil will help the oil refining enterprises for more refined oil products to ensure that the refined oil market supply stability. Third, the recent chemical market demand for some products to reduce production of ethylene will help enterprises to adjust the product structure.
In the past when the refined oil resources, when the main refineries will have similar policies introduced. Beginning in March, the domestic spring plowing in full swing, while with the weather warming, transportation, infrastructure projects and so gradually active, domestic diesel demand will be out of the Spring Festival since the weakness, ushered in a short period of demand peak.
There are still more main refinery plant maintenance, in order to meet the policy around the recent policy, Sinopec this policy will actually reduce the yield of naphtha components, thereby increasing the production of diesel fractions, naphtha is ethylene The main raw material for cracking, ethylene production will be reduced accordingly. The most critical is the price adjustment of refined oil landing, the main downstream sales increase in profits, to a certain extent improve the enthusiasm of refined oil production.